14 October 2013

Morning Person

I woke early one morning,
The Earth lay cool and still.
A tiny bird,
Perched on my window sill.

He began to chirp,
welcoming the coming day.
A song so beautiful,
that my troubles slipped away.

He sang of far off places,
Of laughter and fun.
It seemed that his chirping,
brought up the morning sun.

I stirred under the covers;
Crept slowly out of bed,
Then gently shut the window,
crushing his little head.

So what... I'm not a morning person.


15 September 2013

Field Journal: Creekside Paintball, Homer New York

Storefront Creekside Paintball

ENTRY 0001
15th SEP 2013

Creekside Sports

5017 US Route 11, Homer NY, 13077

Creekside Sports is a small paintball and airsoft venue located in Homer New York. The crew and myself went out and played a whole day of airsoft yesterday (14 Sep 2013) and had a ton of fun!

The day started with us arriving on site around 11AM and after general formalities we jumped right into a game. It was really wet and kinda chilly out, so unfortunately no one else showed up, but the 'private' game was awesome anyway.


The field itself consists of an open field with various obstacles and fortifications located throughout to serve as cover, as well as a wooded section on the fields upper end with CQB styled trails and bunkers. Overall I felt that whatever your play style the field could accommodate it. We played various game modes ranging from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Single Flag CTF, as well as Multi Flag CTF.